Beast Court

Sometimes a collection of rivals, mostly an alliance of allies the Beast Court is made up of those collectively designated Hengeyokai within Wa. Although the Hengeyokai are now openly accepted in the Five-Fold metropolis, it was not always the case. Arriving in the year 69 by Yamato count, the animal-people were a diverse collection of distinct races – Dragonborn, Shifters, Minotaur, Wilden, Nezumi and others – who suffered collective prejudice from the human majority. From that collective experience a common society and history emerged in the form of the Beast Court.

Stated Goal: The prosperity of the Hengeyokai

Size: Local, Wa – mainly the Leaf district.

Alignment: Dark (or Unaligned in a traditional D&D game).

Philosophy: “Many strands make a strong rope.”

Leadership: The Four Elders – the Minotaur Kam Zebu, the Shifter Yojimbo Mifune, the Dragonborn Watasumi Nagi, and the Nezumi Dol Tik.

Headquarters: Shou Ni square in the Hengeyokai Ghetto.

Membership Requirements: Be a Hengeyokai dwelling within Wa. To attain a position of power, one must demonstriat real loyalty.

Structure: Dozens of small bands or packs, occasionally taking direct orders from Shou Ni, but mostly acting autonminously. Despite this autonomy, all packs always pay their
tithe to the Beast Court.

Activities: Extorsion and protection mostly. Various other criminal activities.

Enemies: None specific, but rivalries quite often boil to the point of violence.

Rivals: Other criminal and ethnic interests within the Leaf district, in particular the Jie Mei.

Factions: Informal alliance and groups based mainly on specific races within the Beast Court.

Beast Court

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