Samurai serving as Mikaboshi‘s right hand; the Hatamoto or “banner people” are Sword-Mages which serve as the police, army and guard of Wa. Officially, they are servants of the city itself – and by extension its Warlord and not any particular noble family. Their name derives from the fact that their emblam is that of the city’s current Warlord. While the Hatamoto officially opposed Mikaboshi during the Midnight War on behalf of then-Warlord Yamato Yori, corruption had allowed the Devil to weave his tendrils into the organization. After the war, the corrupted and criminal Hatamoto were simply sent back to work. Today the Hatamoto are not so much the enforcers of Wa’s laws but the regulators of its crime.

State Goal: Manage the criminal element.

Size: Local Wa, existing throughout the city.

Philosophy: All dams break, but the rivers flow never ceases.

Leadership: Kenu Ichio stands as Katubo of Wa.

Headquarters: Forty-seven Swords Keep in the Fist district.

Membership Requirements: Hatamoto training and demonstraited loyalty.

Structure: Beneath the Katubo are the district fortresses, headed by the Kinen. The districts are divided into zone houses led by theKunach where individual, base-rank Hatamoto are given their day-to-day operations.

Activities: Regulate the criminal element, typically through “kingpining” and “land lording” (i.e. having crimals work directly for the Hatamoto or renting territory to criminals). This fosters rivalries for the Hatamoto’s favour and ends in more crime-versus-crime conflict, rather than crime-versus-society.

Enemies: Any criminal or extra-social element large enough to operate independently. On this list at the moment are the Jie Mei, the Beast Court and the Sewer Tribes.

Rivals: Wa‘s other protectors, the Scarlet Talons. Though the Hatamoto are Mikaboshi’s right hand and the Scarlet Talons the left, neither hand has much love for the other. This rivalry is thought to stem from a shared task approached with conflicting philosophies.

Factions: Each zone house is an entity unto itself.


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