Jie Mei

The Jie Mei or “Street Demons” are a clan of criminal ninja particularly active in the Leaf district. Prior to the Midnight War, the Jie Mei acted as the left hand of the Warlord, handling intelligence, arcane and hidden threats that the Hatamoto were unable or poorly equipped to address. Unfortunately, during the Midnight War the Scarlet Talons faction of the Jie Mei betrayed from the main sect, resulting in their slaughter. Now the Jie Mei exist as a shadow of their former selves and mockery of their former role.

Stated Goal: Retake Wa from Mikaboshi

Size: Local, Wa – mainly the Leaf district.

Alignment: Between(or Unaligned in a traditional D&D game).

Philosophy: “Dragons are fools, but rats are wise.”

Leadership: Yushi Dachi

Headquarters: Numerous small safehouses holds around the city.

Membership Requirements: Death Power Source Assassin Class, undertake a series of initiation quests.

Structure: Small gangs around the Leaf and Mirror Districts.

Activities: Extorsion, protection and robbery along with black market and vice.

Enemies: Their formerly infernal faction, the Scarlet Talons who now serve as Mikaboshi’s Left Hand.

Rivals: Other criminal interests, in particular the Beast Court.

Factions: None; formerly several aimed at specific types of threats.

Jie Mei

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