Rashomon Street

Rashomon Street in the Leaf district of Wa flows down from the North-East Stock Yards (running south-west from them, north-east to them), It is the first stop for many stock merchants, nomad herders and drovers in Wa. Currently, Rashomon Street is under the control of the Three Monks.

The street consists of ten two or three story buildings with the business below and the home above arranged in two lines of five. These are:

Clothing – a small corral – gambling den – hotel – stable

Blacksmith – shrine – leatherworker – restaurant – saloon

Clothing: Leng Garments. Two story building occupied by the Leng family; Tetsu (M) and Umu (F), their daughter Ima and son Nagataka. Sells practical items mostly, but Umu keeps a number of finer items up stairs for private clients.

Corral: Fenced area before a single room shack occupied by the Nezumi Der Niki. Often takes care of select stock.

  • Gambling Den: The Black Tortoise. Two story building owned and operated by Wu Eng and his five prostitutes (Iri, Azuna, Nako, Satchi and Juri) with a brothel run in the basement. Previously the Jie Mei acted as enforcers for Wu Eng’s establishment while Eng himself acted as their “tax collector”.
  • Stable: Ingenious three story building using a crane, platform and winch to lift animals to various levels. Ran by the brothers Daigotsu Churo and Daigotsu Yoken.
  • Blacksmith: Singe story building occupied by the Dwarvern husband and wife: Zu Rogan (M) and Zu Magi (F). They virtually sleep with their forge!
  • Shrine: Small single story building where name-markers (long metal plates bearing the name) and bones of the streets ancestors are kept. In the centre is a statue of the Bone Witch (protector of the dead, gatherer of bones). Though Mikaboshi has driven out the holy folk, private worship remains.
  • Tea Shop: The Jade Dragon. Two story building with the restaurant below and home above. Occupied by Long Iro and his nephew, Long Zuko. Though a tea shop it also serves food.
  • Saloon: The Phoenix. Three story building with a bar on the first floor, lodgings on the second and third. Following Blade of Lies these lodgings are the home of the Three Monks. Serves both food, alcoholic drink and provides entertainment. Occupied by Akira Haru (F).

Rashomon Street

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