Sewer Tribes

The Sewer Tribes is not a homogenous faction the same way the Beast Court or Jie Mei are. Rather, it is an imposed unity imagined by the citizens of the Five Fold metropolis on those that dwell in the many layers of sewer beneith their feet. These layers go deep, stretching into and incorporating the ruins of Old Wa along with the Underdark and other strange places. As such, the sewers of Wa have come to incorporate many diverse peoples into the collective known as the Sewer Tribes.

Stated Goal: None.

Size: Local Wa stretching the entirity of its sewers.

Alignment: Varies from specific tribe to tribe.

Philosophy: None.

Leadership: None, though two of the largest tribes – Drow and Gnomes – hold much “pull” over the other tribes.

Headquarters: Varies from tribe to tribe.

Membership Requirements: Specific to each tribe, though upsiders are rarely welcomed.

Structure: Fully independent race-based tribes.

Activities: Varies between tribes, but hunting and scavenging is common.

Enemies: Cheifly the Shi Guan Gong; though most upsiders, though the Gnomes are known to be quite friendly to upsiders.

Rivials: Each Sewer Tribe is rival of all other Sewer Tribes.

Factions: Each Sewer Tribe is formed based on race and is an indepednent entity unto itself.

Sewer Tribes

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