Wicked City

Blade of Lies

On Rashomon street, truth is not for sale

When the Jie Mei began attacking Rashomon Street, formerly under their protection, the citizens of the street turned to the Beast Court. The Dragonborn Ziragama took on the task of defeating the Jie Mei and running the streets protection racket. To help eliminate the Jie Mei threat, Ziragama brought together the Three Monks. After defeating an initial attack by the ninja, the Three Monks and Ziragama set to discovering the Jie Mei’s hide-out in the area. In this task; the Three Monks encountered a tangled web of lies and secrets. Wu Eng was revealed to be a secret enforcer of the ninja criminals, while Doji Maro was revealed to be having an affair with the Jie Mei known as Snow Spider. While Whoo beat and raped Snow Spider for information, the Three Monks and Ziragama uncovered not only the hideout but two contradictory rationals behind the attacks:
  1. During a harsh, slow season, the street was short on their protection. Begging for mercy from the Jie Mei a scuffle broke out as tensions overflowed and a ninja was accidentally killed, sparking the attacks.
  2. During a harsh, slow season, a new Jie Mei recruit – Jina – was sent into Rashomon Street to buy tea. Angry that the ninja criminals were prospering while the street-folk suffered, tensions boiled over and the recruit was killed.

The secrets uncovered, the Three Monks allow Snow Spider to go. At once she turns on Doji Maro as a failed protector, an attack which provokes the Three Monks to slay the Jie Mei. Once the Jie Mei were defeated, however, another secret surfaces. Ziragama brings in Dragonborn and Kobald recruits from the Beast Court to help enforce his rule of Rashomon Street and dispate the Three Monks if they disagree. After a short scuffle, the Three Monks dispatched Ziragama and the Beast Court forces but at the same time placed themselves as Rashomon Streets new protectors.

Comming to dwell in the Phoenix saloon, the Three Monks have presented a shining, but not entirely honest, version of events to the street-folk – particularly Mother Doji who knows little of the true nature of her son’s death.



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